Konrad Jarodzki (1927—2021). Painter, architect, lecturer, rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, member of the Wrocław School/Group. He was an outstanding exponent of painting associated with the trend of organic abstraction.

Konrad Jarodzki’s works constitute evidence of the artistic search for ‘the structural unity of the world’. Through his paintings he explored elementary ideas of space, time, motion and light on a scale of micro and macrocosm. He was inspired by natural phenomena and questions of physics, such as relations of matter and vacuum, energy transformation, elementary particles. 

Above all, he was engaged in sensual transformation of external impulses and personal experiences into paintings and he used the following artistic means: colour, value, line, texture, rhythm. Moving in the realm of abstraction, he communicated with the imagination of the recipients by creating space for associations, emotions and symbolic interpretations. His works often provide an elusive, atavistic sense of threat. In them, the viewer will find echoes of war experiences and the awareness of the far-reaching effects of civilisational challenges of modernity, such as environmental disaster, scientific progress or space exploration.

In the archive we present a selection of the artist’s works.